Parish History


Saint George Greek Orthodox Church in Redding got its start in the 1970s when a group of Greek families started meeting for services. Like most Orthodox churches in America, we had no priest and initially served out of our homes before moving to larger locations as the congregation began to grow. We rented conference rooms and chapels before finding more lasting arrangements at the Millville Grange and the Native Daughters of the Golden West on California Street.


In 1996 we recruited Father Gregory and in 1998 moved to our current location beneath the Historic Lorenz Hotel. The space had originally been a courtyard, and after being covered with a roof had been used as a theater and a bar. Over the years we have converted the space into a beautiful and reverent one complete with chandelier and iconostasis. At one point the Sign of the Cross miraculously appeared on a curtain which you can see on the right of the photograph shown above. Many new converts joined us during this time and we worked consistently on improving the nave (sanctuary) and trapeza (fellowship hall).


Father Gregory left in 2003 and we invited visiting priests until Father Nectarios began serving on a temporary assignment in 2008 on loan from the Albanian Archdiocese of the Orthodox Church in America to the Greek Orthodox Church. During that interim time we began the "Taste of Greece” dinner as a fundraiser that lasted until 2013. This was a well-attended community event that took place initially at Cheesecakes Unlimited and then the Elks Lodge and Mercy Oaks as more people began attending. We have also been known for our baklava and rummage sales.


Covid hit us like everyone else, but by God’s grace we continued to thrive, though our community engagement was knocked back a notch. We hope to establish new events and local traditions as things return to normal. Following Pascha in April 2023 Father Nectarios completed his temporary assignment here and returned to his status in the Albanian Archdiocese of the Orthodox Church in America. We continue to meet on Sundays for services and time in the trapeza (coffee/lunch hour). With God’s help, we look forward to the coming years and all that they hold for our church.


Glory to God for all things!